Institutional Investors - Fiduciary Management

We provide comprehensive advice to institutional investors to help them to simplify and improve their investment programs. Specific services include, but are not limited to, the following:

Comprehensive and Continuous Investment Management:

  • Comprehensive assessment of financial position
  • Cash flow planning
  • Investment policy formulation
  • Asset allocation strategy and risk management
  • Investment manager search and selection
  • Investment performance monitoring, reporting and evaluation
  • Periodic investment portfolio rebalancing

Fiduciary Consulting:

Coordination with client's other professional advisors

We deliver these services via a disciplined investment decision-making process that is based on investment and fiduciary best practices published by fi360 ( ) . We also tailor our approach as needed to accommodate the unique needs and preferences of each organization that we work with.

We also welcome the opportunity to provide organizational leaders—such as board and investment committee members—with any education they may desire about their fiduciary responsibilities related to their investment program. We're happy to share nationally recognized best practices for meeting these responsibilities.

Our fiduciary management services are best suited for those with $1 million or more to invest.


  • CFP
  • AIF

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