Frequently Asked Questions

How is Allodium different from other advisors?

Allodium is committed to providing unmatched service to a limited number of clients. We follow a fiduciary standard of care, meaning that clients' interests must come first, and that we must provide objective guidance in all situations. We are completely independent from banks, brokerage firms and other financial product providers, and we do not receive commissions for the investment options that we recommend.


What is a fiduciary?

The financial advisor world includes two standards of client care. One, known as the "suitability" standard, requires that advisors' recommendations merely be "suitable" for clients' needs.

We adhere to the far more rigorous "fiduciary standard." As fiduciaries, we are required to act with complete loyalty to our clients. We must place clients' interests ahead of our own and provide un-conflicted advice and guidance.

What is your investment philosophy?

Allodium's investment approach is grounded in the most respected academic research. We believe in investing for the long term in order to participate in the growth of the capital markets over time. We believe in broad diversification as a means to limit risk and reach investing goals. We think it critical to focus on investments that are both low-cost and tax-efficient. Finally, we believe it is important to have a disciplined investment strategy that is actively monitored and adjusted over time.


What type of investments do you use?

Institutional share class Mutual Funds


Separately Managed Accounts

Socially responsible investments


Where are your clients' portfolios held?

Charles Schwab is the custodian that a majority of our clients use. We also work with trust companies and 401k plans that use other custodians.

What are your fees?

Our investment advisory fee is a percentage of the assets that we manage, typically based on the size and complexity of the client relationship. For some clients we provide a choice of a flat retainer fee if that is their preference. We accept no compensation from sources other than our clients.

What is your investment minimum?

Allodium offers its services on a fee basis, which include hourly and/or fixed fees, as well as fees based upon assets under management. Allodium charges investment advisory fees that are tailored for the specific client engagement. For our services that include an ongoing investment management component, our investment advisory fee starts at 1% of the assets under management. The minimum annual investment advisory fee for our Wealth Management service is $10,000 per year ($1,000,000 x 1% = $10,000) and the minimum annual investment advisory fee for our Fiduciary Management service is $10,000 per year ($1,000,000 x 1% = $10,000). More information about our fees can be found in our Disclosure Brochure at the following link: Allodium Disclosure Brochure.

Where are you located?

Allodium is located 2 blocks away from the Stone Arch Bridge and the Guthrie Theater in the historic Mill City district of Minneapolis. Our office is easily accessible from major freeways, and there is free parking in the garage attached to our building.

500 Washington Avenue South
Suite 4400
Minneapolis, MN 55415


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